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About Dr Tigani Shaib

Dr. Tigani Shaib obtained his Medical & Surgery degree in 1981, followed by specializing in Dermatology Allergies & Sexual Transmitted diseases in Maciadonia Serbia in 1988, and then obtained a degree in Cosmetology & Laser Treatment back in 2001 in Florida – USA.

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about the clinic

specializing in dermatology, cosmetology, sexually transmitted diseases, venereology & infertility, and allergies diseases. With a legacy spanning over two decades, we have been providing comprehensive and compassionate care to our patients since 1997.



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We offer high quality medical and nursing care. “A healthy skin assures hearty smile.” “Take care of your skin and your confidence will take care of itself.” “Skincare is like a workout for your skin.” “The groomer wasn’t provided any dental care or skin care and that’s the truth.

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Service Recipient Says

"I had been struggling with severe acne for years, and Dr. Tigani Shaib Clinic provided me with the most effective dermatological treatment. The doctors were highly knowledgeable and empathetic, guiding me through the entire process. Thanks to their expertise, my skin has improved significantly, and my confidence has been restored."

Sarah M

"Dr. Tigani Shaib Clinic is my go-to place for all my cosmetic needs. The cosmetology team is simply outstanding! They took the time to understand my concerns and recommended the best treatments for me. The results have been remarkable, and I couldn't be happier with the personalized care I received."

Ahmed K

"Dealing with sexually transmitted diseases can be challenging, but Dr. Tigani Shaib Clinic made the process much easier for me. The staff was incredibly professional and discreet, ensuring my privacy was respected at all times. The doctors provided accurate diagnoses and effective treatments, putting my mind at ease. I'm grateful for their expertise and support."

Layla R

"My husband and I had been trying to conceive for years without success. We decided to visit Dr. Tigani Shaib Clinic's infertility department, and it was the best decision we made. The fertility specialists were caring, patient, and knowledgeable. They thoroughly assessed our situation and provided us with a customized treatment plan. Today, we are proud parents, and we owe it all to the clinic's dedicated team."

Fatima and Ali S

"Living with allergies was a constant struggle for me until I found Dr. Tigani Shaib Clinic. The allergy specialists conducted comprehensive tests and developed a personalized treatment plan. Their expertise and guidance have significantly improved my quality of life. I'm grateful for their compassionate care and would highly recommend the clinic to anyone seeking relief from allergies."

Mohammed A