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Quick-Thinking Dad Knocks Out Kidnapper Wanting To Daughter

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Quick-Thinking Father Knocks Out Kidnapper Attempting To Get 3-Year-Old Child From Park

A quick-thinking father saved his 3-year-old child from being kidnapped by knocking the suspect out before the guy could take the little lady from a nearby park. Freddie Cantrell and his awesome family members stay merely across the street from Regional Park in Auburn, California and often takes their two daughters there to try out. The youngsters are there one Saturday making use of their mother and stepfather one Saturday afternoon whenever men made an effort to take 3-year-old Aubrey. As soon as their ex labeled as him, he discovered the road and sprung into motion.

  1. Their 6-year-old daughter observed everything.

    Cantrell recalled as soon as girls’ mother known as him anxiously and begged him to arrive at the park asap. “I managed to get a phone call from the mom claiming, ‘Hey you got receive down here quick. Somebody tried to kidnap Aubrey,” the guy told
    CBS 13 Sacramento
    . His child Natalie watched the whole lot take place and informed the socket: “The guy stepped up and began pulling Aubrey and working along with her and skipping with her.”

  2. All three moms and dads tried to corner the person.

    While Aubrey’s mom and stepdad went at the suspect from one side of the park, Cantrell emerged at him from the opposite end and been able to catch up with him, but the guy wasn’t heading down without a fight. “the guy made an effort to move at me personally with handcuffs wrapped around his fingers and attempt to use them as brass knuckles, that is certainly when I merely took action and attempt to bump him away,” Cantrell recalled.

  3. Fortunately, Cantrell subdued the man and authorities resulted in right after.

    Placer County deputies arrived shortly after Cantrell made the residents arrest and got the suspect, a 26-year-old guy named Yonel Hernandez-Velasco, into guardianship and energized him with attempted kidnapping and arrest with a deadly gun.

  4. The event was actually a severe reminder for neighborhood moms and dads at how dangerous the park may be.

    “You can see the terrible stuff regarding the news and expect it will not accidentally the kids, which means you surely got to just look i suppose,” said hot local momsmy April McGuinness. The woman 11-year-old child added: “it’s a good idea than me personally needing to get kidnapped because i-come right here alone.”

  5. Cantrell does not think he’s a character for going in. Most likely, he is merely doing just what any father would do to safeguard their young ones.

    “They may be claiming ‘Oh you are a champion for preserving that litttle lady,’ Well that daughter is my girl, and I’m only carrying out the fatherly thing,” he insisted.

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