Laser tattoo removal

a quick solution to get rid of it using the best technology

Tattoos are a choice that people make for an aesthetic purpose in themselves. Years may pass while the tattoo they chose is still in place, then they suddenly want to change it or remove it from its place, so they look for a solution to get rid of the tattoo on the skin, but there is no effective solution for that. laser tattoo removal, through laser beams that penetrate the surface of the skin, the pigment that was used in drawing the tattoo is eliminated.

Laser technology is considered one of the best solutions in getting rid of tattoos, regardless of their size and in any spot on the body, as the laser breaks up the pigment molecules in the skin with high quality without causing damage or side effects in the area surrounding the tattoo. The tattoo removal procedure at Dr. Tijani Shaib Medical Clinic is A very simple procedure as it does not require a lot of time.

How to get rid of tattoos with laser?

At Dr. Tijani Shaib Medical Clinic, we receive the patient and prepare him to be ready to remove the tattoo without feeling any pain at all, so he is prepared according to the following:

– Applying local anesthesia: to relieve the pain resulting from the use of the laser.

Applying a cooling gel: to protect the skin from irritation as a result of exposure to laser heat.

– Using a laser to break up tattoos: Using laser beams in short bursts to break them up.

– Cooling: Ice packs are used to soothe the area surrounding the tattoo if any irritation or redness occurs.

– Use of antibiotics: To avoid any possible infections, the specialist doctor prescribes an antibiotic cream.
How many tattoo removal sessions are needed to get rid of a tattoo completely?

The specialist doctor determines the number of sessions needed according to the size of the tattoo and the intensity of the pigment’s stability and color. There are some tattoos that disappear after the first session, and there are others that require a repeated number of sessions. Our doctors at Dr. Tijani Shaib Medical Clinic determine the appropriate number of sessions for each individual case.

What are the benefits to you when you choose laser tattoo removal technology?

– The best way to remove tattoos without any potential risks

– Getting rid of tattoos, regardless of their color

– Does not leave any traces or scars

-Shorten time

The recovery time after laser tattoo removal is relatively short

Who is suitable for laser tattoo removal?

– Those who are 18 years or older

– Those who are in good health, their body is able to get rid of the fragmented tattoo pigment particles in a natural way.

– Who do not suffer from any wounds or scars in the surrounding area around the tattoo.

– Avoid tanning because laser tattoo removal works best on pale skin, while skin that has been tanned requires more sessions.

– Do not take immunosuppressive drugs because they prevent the body from getting rid of fragmented tattoo pigment particles.

– Do not take photosensitivity drugs, as they increase the sensitivity of the skin to laser radiation.

Now, if you have any type of tattoo, and want to remove it as quickly as possible, you must visit us at Dr. Tijani Shaib Medical Clinic to obtain the medical procedure for laser tattoo removal at the hands of expert doctors, highly competent in the necessary medical procedures.

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