the strongest alternative to thread lift and surgeries

Have you tried HIFU technology to tighten sagging skin? If you have not tried it, you should try it now after it has proven its effective results by obtaining an immediate result from the first session, which is what many who suffer from sagging skin or stubborn fat in the body aspire to, so we at Dr. Tijani Shaib Medical Clinic present to you the latest version of the technology. HIFU for sustainable results.

HIFU..what is it?

A non-surgical technique to get rid of sagging skin, and works to stimulate collagen and elastin through focused ultrasound waves “HIFU”, which helps the skin to have a vibrant, bright, more youthful and fresh appearance. HIFU is used as a non-surgical treatment to tighten the skin in different places of the body, and it is the best procedure to support. Doctors from all over the world offer a solution to treat a double chin through multiple sessions, and tighten sagging skin on the face and other parts of the body.

HIFU has quick results that appear from the first session, such as: narrowing large pores, tightening the skin, freshness, disappearing fine lines in the skin, reducing wrinkles, and greatly reducing the percentage of excess fat.

Long-term results also appear after a number of sessions, thanks to the stimulation of collagen and elastin, so the skin appears younger, tighter and more radiant, and pigmentation, spots, and black and white pimples disappear from the skin.

Advantages of HIFU technology for treating and tightening the skin:

– Fast results: can be observed from the first session

– Painless technique: It does not cause pain during its procedure

– Better than other available techniques such as: Texas Technique, threads, and surgical operations.

– Suitable for all skin types: With HIFU technology, it does not matter what color the skin is because it works on the deeper layers of the skin.

– Long-term results: Although HIFU is non-surgical, its results last after the sessions.

Who are the candidates for HIFU treatment?

– Those who suffer from obesity

– People with sagging skin

– Those who suffer from a double chin

– Those who do not wish to undergo surgeries

– Those who want to unify skin tone and increase its smoothness

– Those who want to get rid of damaged skin cells

What will your skin look like after your first HIFU treatment session at Dr. Tijani Shaib Medical Clinic?

When you undergo the first session of HIFU skin treatment, you will immediately feel the skin tightening and the cheeks being lifted higher than their previous place. Dark spots will also be greatly reduced and may even disappear, which will make your skin appear clearer and more radiant. In addition, the percentage of wrinkles around the eyes and lips will decrease. And the forehead. If she suffers from the appearance of time lines on her facial skin, then HIFU treatment is the ideal solution for her.

Be sure that with the HIFU technique to tighten sagging skin, you will look like you are many years younger, and you will get a reaction from those around you from the first session.

How many HIFU sessions do you need?

When you come to Dr. Tijani Shaib Medical Clinic, the number one destination for HIFU treatment in the United Arab Emirates since 1996, you will get a medical consultation from a dermatologist about the number of sessions needed to treat the target area after it has been identified, which must be done at least three sessions as a maximum. To achieve results that last for 18 months or more, it is very important to meet a doctor first, as some cases of skin laxity require a treatment plan within a specific time frame.

We at Dr. Tijani shaib Medical Clinic, which specializes in the best skin and beauty solutions, receive patients in the United Arab Emirates from all nationalities around the world, to perform medical solutions related to the skin as a whole, the most prominent of which is the HIFU treatment technique. Therefore, we are considered pioneers in using this effective technology in giving Quick solutions to problems that patients think are permanent in their skin. If you are one of those who have lost hope of getting rid of their skin problems, our clinic restores hope to you with effective results. All you have to do is contact us to answer all your questions and find solutions for your skin through HIFU technology.

Start your treatment journey with us now, and book your medical appointment by calling us by phone 065561126 or via WhatsApp 0553531539. Our medical team is ready to accompany you until you get results beyond your expectations.