Dissolving fat

Dissolving fat... multiple techniques, one goal

Dissolving fat… multiple techniques, one goal




Dissolving stubborn fat in specific areas of the body is a challenge for everyone who wants to have a harmonious body that is as close to ideal as possible, but stubborn fat is an obstacle to reaching the ideal image that they draw for themselves.


Therefore, in cosmetic medicine, innovative and advanced solutions and techniques have been created whose goal and objectives are the same, which is to get rid of the accumulated fat in specific areas of the body. At Dr. Tijani Shaib medical clinic, we have effective and different solutions in dissolving stubborn fat, and the specialist doctor chooses the most appropriate methods to dissolve this fat. The following is an explanation of its techniques:


– Fat dissolving Injection:

  They are injections consisting mainly of plant components that work to break down stored fat and break down fat cell membranes. The main substance in the fat dissolving needles is deoxycholic, which is a substance that is naturally secreted in the liver, where the process of emulsifying fat begins by facilitating its digestion. In the intestine.

Then the lymphatic system works to get rid of these fatty particles in a natural way over several weeks.

Thus, the mechanism of action of fat dissolving needles is an effective mechanism in getting rid of stubborn fat in specific and small areas of the body such as: the stomach area, glutes, arms and thighs.



HIFU is a non-surgical option that does not require a lot of time, for skin tightening and sculpting at the same time. It works through the flow of ultrasound waves that raise the temperature of the deep layers of skin tissue and the superficial layers, which rids the target area of excess weight and tightens it after dissolving the fat in it. This gives the patient a slim figure without any surgical procedures.


– Laser:

Cold laser is used in local slimming sessions, as the specialist doctor directs high-power laser beams to the areas where stubborn fat is located, which helps to dissolve and get rid of it. The patient may need a number of laser fat melting sessions before obtaining clear and sustainable effective results.


At Dr. Tijani Shaib Medical Clinic, we have an experienced medical staff who can give the patient the best possible options for dissolving stubborn fat in the area he has and wants to get rid of.


Whatever the fat dissolving technique is chosen, the result that the patient will obtain will enable him to regain his self-confidence and obtain the slender and sculpted figure he desires.


Now, if you suffer from stubborn fat due to the harsh routine of daily life that forces you to sit for long hours in front of your laptop, then you accumulate layers of fat around the stomach and in the waist circumference, and if you have a double chin, not because of your binge eating, but because of your body language that pushed the fat. For this area, the reasons that lead to fat accumulation in one area and not another are endless, and whatever the reason, we at Dr. Tijani Shaib Medical Clinic have the solution.


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