Dermapen...The best for rejuvenating the skin and increasing its vitality

Dermapen…The best for rejuvenating the skin and increasing its vitality



Entering the world of skin beautification is like entering an infinite world. One of the most prominent and indispensable cosmetic procedures is the “Dermapen” which is a device like a pen that uses fine needle technology to make small pricks on the skin, which stimulates the production of collagen, which will help the skin tighten. Increasing its freshness and getting rid of its defects, such as acne, spots, and various pigments.


At Dr. Tijani shaib clinic, we use Dermapen to help patients get rid of their skin problems and blemishes. The specialized cosmetic specialist performs acupuncture in the patient’s skin according to short-term waves, which helps him gain more radiance and glow.


Due to the vital nature of the Dermapen device, it is a suitable choice for most people who enjoy good health. It is suitable for them if they aspire to improve the shape and level of skin vitality and get rid of:


– acne traces

– Wide pores

– Pigmentation and dark spots

– Stretch marks and sagging skin

– Fine lines in the skin

– Tattoos of all kinds

– Scars and traces of old wounds

– Wrinkles resulting from facial expressions


What are the benefits that will accrue to the patient after receiving a Dermapen session?


As previously mentioned, Dermapen is considered one of the most popular skin treatment procedures, as it is characterized by its rapid effectiveness in making the face glow. Therefore, it is an effective procedure for combating the signs of aging and improving skin tone, elasticity, and texture.


The most important advantage of Dermapen is that it is a quick and safe procedure, and is performed in a relatively short time.


What is the mechanism of action of Dermapen?


Through fine needles that move quickly in two directions back and forth, microscopic holes are created, which stimulate collagen production and allow the skin to absorb nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin, which makes the skin smooth and glowing.


What are the expected results after a Dermapen session?


After receiving a Dermapen session, you can continue your daily activities normally, and there will be no side effects other than some slight redness or a feeling of itching, but they disappear after several hours. The plastic surgeon at Dr. Tijani Shaib Medical Clinic will also recommend that you refrain from applying any cosmetics. for at least two days, and avoid exposure to sunlight for at least seven days,

Dermapen is considered one of the procedures that requires a number of sessions to obtain long-term results, determined by the specialist doctor according to the nature of the case and its medical evaluation. .


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