Botox...a medical revolution in fighting wrinkles and time lines

Botox…a medical revolution in fighting wrinkles and time lines


Are you tired of the appearance of prominent lines on your forehead? And around your lips? Between your eyebrows, and next to your eyes and nose? Do you want to have firm, youthful and gorgeous skin? She does not show signs of aging, fatigue, or mental or physical stress!


If you want all of this, you must immediately use Botox injections from the hands of doctors, cosmetic experts at Dr. Tijani Shaib Medical Clinic, and in this article we will tell you everything related to Botox injections so that you are more aware of the extent of their impact, effectiveness, and reflection on your level of self-confidence.


What is Botox?


It is an injection that stops muscle movement for a specific period of time and prevents nerve signals from reaching them, which limits the movement of the skin according to facial expressions, which makes the skin tight and free of lines for a long time.


Botox is widely used for other treatments such as: stopping excessive sweating in the armpits, palms, and feet, as well as defining and highlighting the jaw, and defining and slimming the face in general.


Can Botox injections cause pain?


The pain resulting from Botox injections is a possible pain that disappears with time, and the specialist doctor at Dr. Tijani Shaib Medical Clinic must use a local anesthetic in the area to be injected, for a period of 10 minutes before starting the medical procedure.



How long do Botox injections last?


The result of Botox injections usually lasts for a period of 6 months, after which the patient needs to repeat the sessions to keep the result prominent on his face. The period of time during which the effect of Botox appears clear is related to the severity of the wrinkles and the depth of the lines in the face, so the patient may need to see a plastic surgeon to maintain Find out the most appropriate timing for re-injection of Botox.



What happens to Botox after its effectiveness ends?


After the period during which Botox remains effective has passed by stopping the movement of the facial muscles, the body converts it into harmless amino acids, which are eliminated through the kidneys and excreted with the body’s waste. It is important for the patient to know that his face will return to its pre-Botox shape after its effectiveness ceases.


What steps should you follow after getting Botox injections?


Since Botox injections are a cosmetic medical procedure, the following should be considered:

– Pass an ice cube over the area that was injected to reduce bruising in the injection area

– Do not massage or touch the area that was injected because Botox does not spread throughout the body

– Maintain a straight body position to avoid the Botox material moving from its place

– Do not use cosmetics and skin care products for an entire day

– Avoid strenuous physical activities on the first day of getting Botox injections

– Avoid bathing with hot water or exposure to hot steam



Now, you have the option to get younger-looking skin by stopping the movement of small skin muscles with Botox. You will get tight, youthful skin that will not be affected by the movements of facial expressions. Completely polished skin is an expected result from the hands of cosmetic experts at
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